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CFG Global Fuel Innovate is our dedicated channel to challenge-driven open innovation in the way of Trading.  We know that we’ll need to keep pushing the boundaries to achieve our goals—and we want to do it with you.  We believe that technology and innovation are key to solving these challenges and our technology strategy sets the direction for how.

social responsibility

We firmly believe that our role transcends managing and developing the oil industry. Spurred by our social responsibility, we avidly take part in social activities, support worthy causes, take initiatives to enhance our distribution performance, educate the skills and talents of our staff, and improve the quality of life wherever we operates our business. 


 We focus on connecting with Global Suppliers/Refineries and companies large and small that can help us find solutions to concrete business challenges in Distribution of fuel worldwide. 

like to see what we can supply?

view our portfolio of products/services. Then, request for an offer.  cfg is a direct buyer and seller of fuel.


CFG Global Fuel is a Global Petroleum Commodity Trading Company, an affiliated JV Company of Astro Investment Company.  CFG Global Fuel buys and sells on the export of petroleum crude oil and refined products, we are constantly searching for real genuine direct Suppliers for our End Users.  Our scope of business encompasses North America (USA), South America, Africa, UAE, Russia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and various regions of Europe including (U.K, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland).  Our portfolio consists of fuel acquisitions and sells to various U.S. Refineries, Suppliers and Burners.  CFG Global Fuel is currently also working directly with Marathon Oil Company, ExxonMobil, and Shell-Motiva for purchasing of refined products in the United States and abroad.  We are an opportunist and consistently seek relationships with new Suppliers worldwide.  We are currently active in purchasing and selling Nigerian BLCO from NNPC to our End Users (China Refineries).

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